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The lives of turtles and people have been intimately intertwined in the North Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, Tortuguero.

Since the arrival of the first indigenous tribal group, relatives of the Mayans, several hundred years ago followed by other indigenous groups such as the Zambo-Misquito who arrived later on the scene, turtles were utilized in a sustainable manner and all was in balance until the first settlement of Europeans in the region. Read More on DCR – <a href=”″>Destination Costa Rica </a>

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Do you take this credit card? – Yahoo! News

One Mans Trash … is anothers art

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Who knew it was so easy to change the world?

The next time you pack this all-American sandwich for lunch, you’re helping the environment. You don’t have to change your whole diet to change the world. Just start with lunch.

German team wins solar home competition – Yahoo! News: “German team wins solar home competition Fri Oct 19, 8:45 PM ET WASHINGTON – A team of students from Germany’s Technische Universitat Darmstadt won a weeklong competition Friday on the National Mall for the best, most efficient and well-designed and -engineered solar home. ADVERTISEMENT The competition attracted 20 universities, most from the United States. Other foreign competitors came from Canada and Spain. The Solar Decathlon, sponsored by the Energy Department, required construction of an exclusively solar-powered home that uses no more electricity than is generated by its solar panels over a five-day period. The contest also required that power be available to drive a plug-in electric car.”

Adobe, Rammed Earth, Cinva Ram, Cob, Papercrete: “Modern Pise Building:House building with compressed or rammed earth – A revelation for the Farmer and Settler-1923 : by karl & inez ellington, 105 page booklet, xerographic. It is amazing to realize that Ellington traveled all over Europe and the USA promoting the rammed earth method. He stipulates that each man or ‘settler’ should take advantage of the soil beneath his feet and build a ‘cozy little home’. He describes the foundation, selecting soil; mixing, formworks and a variety of lime washes.”